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When I met Leanne she had starting designing her website and had a clear vision of what she wanted it to look like. Leanne was in the process of launching her wedding planning business while still working a full time job !! Wow shes a powerhouse I thought!! She really wanted someone to come on board and help complete her website to give it that elegant feeling she craved.

The brief:

To create a sophisticated, elegant, business minded, website to showcase the services Solasta Weddings provided. The main redesign of the site had to include data capture, so interested parties could get in touch with Leanne to request further information and book her services.  

The copy for the site was already completed and therefore needed to remained but needed a bit of tidying up.

The site also needed to feature galleries based on her different services to allow customers to instantly see what was available. 

The process:

Leanne expressed a love for the colour Rose Gold & Lavender, so these were chosen as the primary colours across the site. It was important to still have a lot of white space as this screams clean and sophisticated. We chose a light and flowing font for the logo and the main headings and these in Rose Gold added that extra touch of class.

One the homepage it was important to let visitors access information to Leannes services quickly and easily, therefore we chose to have the main services on a rotating gallery. Keeping the images simple and the text informative and short, it helps to navigate the user quickly to the service they need. 


In case the users continued to scroll down, each service is then highlighted with its own unique buttons. All with very weddingly photos! 

On the service pages themselves, each page clearly outlines what the customer will get and also has a very clear call to action to get that user to contact Solasta.

The Outcome:

Solasta Weddings is a simple and elegant website which will be a great starting platform for Leanne to navigate her customers towards. The site I'm sure will grow as her wonderful business does. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Leanne on her site & I continue to help out behind the scenes. 



"Nisha with me to design my wedding planning website. She was helpful with all my queries and really got what I wanted from my website, producing something I love.

As a new start up business I didn't have a large budget to work with, the pay monthly option was great for me."

- Leanne, Owner Solasta Weddings


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