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Site Redesign & Refresh 


Logo & Favicon

logo redesign - ljma

Old Design:

Lauren Abraham is a talented designer specialising in data and services. She came to me with an existing site that was unfinished and in need of some TLC, redesigning and finishing.

The brief:

To create a site that was simple, open and transparent. As Lauren is moving more towards working in the Data & Privacy Services the site needed to represent honesty and transparency where her all her content was easy to find.

The process:

Lauren provided a number of sites that she admired and it was clear the main focus was on the work and the font throughout the site. As it was all Data focused we chose to replace the current font with a legible data styled font.

By working on hidden pages on Lauren's site I was able to show in realtime how the text and layout would be changed. This was done without bringing the site down so Lauren could continue to use the site while it was being worked on. We worked together and talked openly about font sizes, change of logos, the design and layout.

The Outcome:

The new site now has a clear, data focused feel. All Lauren's work is now showcased as soon as the user reaches the site to help with the desired open and transparent request.

The site is simple and easy to navigate and unique to the eye. The font now immediately portrays "Data" and the side navigation bar allows all the work to be on display and easily reached

The maintenance to the site is on-going so check back for updates. 



"Nisha helped me develop my online portfolio and website. Nisha was such a pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend using her. Nisha listened to my requirements and was happy to consult with me to get the exact look and feel I wanted. Thanks again!"

- Lauren Abraham


New Site Design:


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