Quick & Easy Ways to Stop Losing Clients

How many times has a potential client said they'd get back to you and then nothing? Radio Silence. You hear nothing from them. Or you land that client and then half way into a project they turn around and say "Sorry, I'm not going to be able to continue working with you". All that effort you put into them and their business and then POOF ! Its gone! Along with any extra revenue you thought you would get from them. 

So whys is this? Whats one of the main reason a client will end up leaving you and what can you do to stop them from leaving?

Firstly lets think about you for a second, and how you like to be treated when you purchase something. Imagine you pop to your local supermarket and nothing is priced, no price on the fruit, nothing on the veg or even you favourite bottle of wine! Instead you need find an assistant and ask for the price on every product, annoying right?! This here is Bad Communication my friends and will be one of the number one reasons your clients will leave you.

Bad Communication:

Your clients want to feel the love. They want to know you're on it, that the money they spent on you was worthwhile. So how do you do this without the overkill of to many calls/text/emails (remember your busy too). Try these 3 tips and believe me your client will love you for it:

1: Quick responses:

Get back to them as soon as you receive that email/missed call/voicemail. Don't worry that you haven't done what they asked for a minute after receiving that email, just let them know you have it and that your dealing with it. Give a time frame if you can or just let them know you'll let them know once its done. Imagine that sense of relief they feel when they get a simple "on it" from you. They can no go on about their day without wondering if you got their email. The peace of mind a simple reply gives will work wonders for your relationship.

2: Don't over egg your promises.

If you're busy and don't have the time to complete the work when they want, let them know. Most of the time they will be OK with you needing a little more time (unless you have THAT nightmare client). They will appreciate the honesty and you can breathe a little.... BUT don't do this all the time otherwise they will start to think you are too busy for them or that they aren't as important as your other clients. The same also applies to things like cost, please don't promise the client it will be X amount when you know it will really be Y. Nothing will cheese your client off that a larger bill that hasn't been previously agreed. 


Easy fixes to stop losing clients

3: Hello Emails

If you don't hear from them drop them a quick hello email. A quick "Hey hows it going? Do you need any help with anything this month" will do just great. It keeps your service on their mind and shows you're still around to help. Unless you have 100's of clients (lucky you !! ) do this in addition to any generic newsletters they receive. That personal touch will really go far to continue to foster that relationship. 

Overall the key message here is to put yourself in your clients shoes every now and then? What makes you keep using the same service or visiting the same store? It's the little things (as well as of course delivering that kick-ass product they bought) that will keep your clients coming back, keep that revenue increasing, keep getting those referrals coming in and ulimately stop you losing those clients!

Do you think I have missed any other bad communication points? I'd love to hear them?

Or have you tried these and have they worked for fostering your client relationships? Drop me a note in the comments, I'd love to hear your success stories.


Nisha x 

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