Getting The Right Social Media Image to Show on Facebook

I get asked this a number of times, “why is the wrong image showing when I post my website link to Facebook and how can I correct it!?” It's pretty frustrating isn't it? You have this wonderful content that you've spent ages working on or you've built your website and now you can't let the world know about it because of an annoying glitch !

So whats the problem? Well..the simple answer is Facebook hasn’t been told which image to use. If you think about it, you are using one platform to create your website/content and Facebook is a completely different platform so we need a way to get them to talk to each other.

So how do I do this, you ask?

Well is actually pretty simple. As a Squarespace user you have the option to set an image to use across your social media. This will be the main image that will be shown when any of your pages are posted on to any social media platform. There are ways to set each individual page to have a different image but that's a story for another post.

This post will show you how to set your social media image and how to use Facebook debugger to set it for Facebook.

1: Navigate to your main menu and click on DESIGN

Facebook - Design-min-min.png

2: Now click on Logo & Title:

How to set a social media image for squarespace

3: Scroll down and find the Social Sharing Logo section.

Now add the image you want to have as your main sharing image. Some people opt for their logo whereas other opt for a screenshot of their site. Whatever you chose make sure its high quality and it is bigger than 200px x 200px (Facebooks limited size). Note: Facebook do occasionally change their size regulations so you may have to play around with the size to make sure it shows properly. You can see in step 5 whether it shows correctly or needs tweaking.

Setting a social media sharing image on squarespace
How to get the right social sharing image to show on facebook for squarespace users

4: Navigate to Facebook Debugger.

This is where you will tell Facebook that you have assigned a new image to use when sharing your site/content across their platform.

Make sure the tab "Sharing Debugger" is selected (in light blue) and input your page url into the field. If you are unsure of the best format to use copy and paste your url from your browser i.e mine would be and then hit "Debug".

How to use facebook debugger

5: Scraping the right image

When you hit "Debug" Facebook with scan the url (scrap) and look for what you have set as your social media sharing image, bringing up the image and any captions you have associated with it. If you haven't adding any text it will bring up the first few lines on your page. 

If the image is wrong press scrap again until the right image shows up. You can do the same if you update your text. 

This is also where you will see if you need to tweak your image as mentioned in step 3. If you do, no biggie, update it and follow steps 4,5 again!

Changing a social sharing image using facebook debugger

So there you have it! Thats how you set your social media sharing image for Squarespace.

Simple isn't it?!

I will be writing a post on how to add different images for different pages but in the meantime if you'd like to know how to do this drop me a message and I'll be happy to show you!

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Nish x