5 Reasons Why your Content is Driving Readers Away

So you’ve written a blog post, posted it on social media, shouted about it to all your friends and family but then nothing. No views, no likes, no shares….tumbleweeed. What a nightmare! You’ve spent ages researching and writing something you believe... NO you know, will help people so why isn’t anyone interested?

When I first started to blog I noticed I was writing my posts like a story, an essay almost. Lots of content in big chunky blocks. I read it and thought, cool, that’s good, someone will find it interesting and hopefully helpful so I posted it to a few places and waited. I was distraught, it got hardly any views, no one commented. It was as if people just ignored it and didn’t want to spend time reading it.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but Nish” the last two paragraphs above are big chuncky blocks, but bare with me because what I did above was set the scene. Just like a story, hopefully you’ll read the above and think “wow yes, thats me, how do I fix that?”

Well here’s a list of the most common reasons your content might be driving people away:

1: Chunky blocks of text are harder to read:

There are millions of blog posts out there, some lengthy, some short but all craving attention from the reader. We have so much information to digest so putting your content into lists is great. Make it easy for the skim readers, the “I’ve only got time for one post” readers and break your content down into smaller chunks (lists). It’s easier to grab the headlines and once they have, if they find it interesting they will continue to read the rest of your content.

2: Your content is all text, no images:

We are all captivated by images, Instagram’s growth over the last few years is a testament to this. Add great Pin worthy images to your post to instantly grab the user's attention. Personally I find using graphics with key points about my post work well as it gives an instant snapshot into what the post it about.


How to keep readers on your site

3: Your Website design is outdated:

Not mobile friendly, using harsh clashing colours, fonts to hard to read, poorly design layout or navigation. These are just some of the design flaws that could be stopping readers from spending more time on your site. Your website is the online face of your blog/business so make sure it look the part. If you’re unsure if it does, ask friends/family/clients to review it and take note or get a free Audit from me to really drill down into how you can get visitors to spend more time on your content.

4: The language you use is boring:

Nobody likes thinking they are being talked at and no-one like a complicated boring lengthy read. Keep the language you use conversational and simple. This not only make your post easy to read but also shows an insight into the writer’s personality. If the reader resonates with the way you write they are more likely to become a loyal follower and continue to visit your content over and over.

5: The information you’re providing isn’t relevant:

How many times have you clicked on a post thinking it was about one thing when it turned out to be something completely different? You start reading the post and BLAH :( its not what you thought it was going to be about at all. Keep your blog post title relevant to your post’s content. It will tell the visitor you have honestly in your writing and build an air of trust to keep your reader coming back.

Overall have fun with your content. Readers instantly know if you’re being disingenuous or just writing to have content. Also remember not all of the above may be needed, maybe you find something else that works. It’s all about trialling these things and seeing what works well for you.

If you don’t try you’ll never know ehy?

Did you try any of the above? How did it work for you?

Would you add anything else to the list?

I’d love to hear from you

Nish x