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Ali Savic is a Devon based Printmaker with a successful Etsy shop. Like the growing trend, she noticed she needed a dedicated website to showcase her art. She was worried that if anything ever happened with Etsy she would be left without a platform to showcase & eventually sell her work.

The brief:

To create a website to showcase Ali's prints and direct users to purchase on her Etsy store. We discussed creating an e-commerce store but agreed at this stage to start with a portfolio site which could easily develop into a web store in the future. As well showcasing Ali's work, the main aim of the site was to reach a new audience. Ali believes her work could be a wonderful finishing piece to a newly decorated room therefore we needed to make sure the site look professional to attract interior designers and alike.

The site needed to be clear and colourful, a bright an energetic place to high-light Ali's unique, mixed media, style of artwork. 

The process:

Through the design workshop phase it become clear that Ali had thought long and hard about how she wanted her website to look. We had very in-depth conversations around design, colours, fonts, styles and eventually chose to work with the serif font set to add a classical yet playful look.

Once Ali had signed off on the moodboard and chosen her favourite logo and submark I moved onto designing 3 example pages that we discussed and make a few tweaks too. We kept the dialogue very open and Ali said she felt comfortable in dropping me an email with websites she liked and ideas. 

During the process of uploading her images Ali was keen to learn how to use Squarespace so she was able to make small changes and upload/delete new prints or sold out work. I created a number of bespoke tutorial videos, using Ali's new site, for Ali and we both set about uploading her portfolio of work.

The Outcome: is now not only a place that showcases Ali's amazing work, but with the clever work of SEO we hope that it will start to attract a new clientele to increase Ali's sales. 

The site is bright, fun and easy to navigate. We cleverly introduced additional navigation points on the prints pages to make sure the user views more of her artwork. The homepage was created as a one page cover to how Ali works and reveals one of her prints to high-light the human and handmade element. This is also apparent in the "Behind the Scenes" page, where we wanted to give the buyers a real chance to get to know the Artist.

Overall Alison is very pleased with her new site, shes even said within days of it being live shes getting a lot of compliments from new users. I really enjoyed working on this site as her prints are beautiful!




"Nisha created a beautiful website for my Fine Art Print business, which showcases my work very elegantly. During the design process Nisha followed my brief very sensitively and produced exactly the right look. It was a real pleasure working with Nisha and I would definitely recommend her."

- Ali, Ali Savic Prints


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