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Hi ! we’re Chris & Nisha White (a.k.a blanco), the family behind Blanco Digital Studio

How can we help you?


Nisha brings over 11 years experience in online marketing & web design and Chris over 12 years experience in building retail e-commerce brands & online marketing. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the best design & layout to maximise your websites performance. We've worked with big brands like Disney and Audi, helping them through their online activities, but we've also worked with independent smaller businesses building their websites and helping with online marketing.


As a small business owner ourselves we know how much your time and business are precious. That's why we have an open communication policy. Once you become a client of ours you can contact us with any questions (even if you think its silly) and we’ll be happy to help. Businesses aren't made alone so let us support you by building you a high-impact, goal driving, beautifully branded website. 


We've been where you are, we get how important your business is to you. When we start working together we will take the time to get to know your business, your pain points and what your business objectives are. We strongly believe your branded website is the most important online face of your company, that's why we provide a 1-to-1, friendly tailored service. Just us & you. 


How we work together:

1: Consultation

We discuss your website needs over a coffee. Its a relaxed, 2 way, fact finding session.

A take home, design questionnaire will be provided to understand your desired design, content, layout etc. Ask all your questions & continue to do so.

2: Contract

When you're happy with what we will be providing for you a simple & easy to understand contract will be provided. 

This will outline important details like: the package, the completion date, payment plan & any extras 

3: Design Process

We will design your branded website fit for your needs. You will be provided some live example pages to sign off & revise.

We won't start any work on the main website build until you are happy with the designs.


4: Build & Test

We build your amazing new website based on the signed off example pages and all other priorities we've gathered from the design questionnaire.

Once built, we will thoroughly test all elements of your site to make sure it's perfect before going live.

5: site Set Live

You get a final sign off & then we press GO and your brand new website is live.

We will provide all the items as outlined in your package e.g logo, pdf of colour palette & fonts along with any pre-agreed tutorials so you can use your website with confidence. 

6: Celebrate

We're live! Oh yes! It's time to celebrate and show off your kickass new website.

Show friends, family, colleagues, the neighbors, the dog and beam with glee at your beautiful new website. 


Ready to get started?